Reckless driving VA lawyer cost

Why do you need to hire a Lawyer?

If you are charged with a reckless driving ticket, then you need to hire a reckless driving lawyer which are also called traffic lawyers. The question is, why an individual should hire a lawyer? Although, getting charged with reckless driving sounds like peanuts and nothing harsh but it could be the first ever crime you have committed. That means, it can open the criminal book for you and have you registered as a criminal, your criminal record can begin because of this crime. Not only this, there is a chance of having a license suspended for six months, which prohibits you from driving a vehicle. Reckless driving is a misdemeanor crime and that too in class 1. Class 1 of a misdemeanor is highest and the most serious misdemeanor charge there is, after that, felony classes begin.

What is at stake for you?

Reckless driving charges often serious for some if we compare and some people have more at stake comparatively to others. You can ask any lawyer these following questions before hiring them or when you are consulting any lawyer for your case.

  • What punishments there might be or you looking at?
  • What are my chances of coming out clean if I am working with an experienced lawyer like you?
  • If I am given imprisonment, is it a serious risk or not?

This will help you to understand the framework of your case better, and you might get to know what you are losing or what is at stake for you. Not only this, you can ask if there are any long-term consequences with this criminal and misdemeanor charges or if the criminal record will haunt you in your life at some point or not. Hiring a defense lawyer in your favor will help you with the case surely, but that doesn’t guarantee you victory or coming out clean. Like some other states, there is no leverage in reckless driving cases, and even if it is your first crime, you will not be given leniency, and you will be charged as per the law.

How much does a reckless driving lawyer cost?

A very genuine and real question since it is always the first thing which comes to your mind; would I be able to pay the lawyer’s fee or not? Hiring a defense lawyer according to your budget is always a good idea rather than going towards an expensive attorney. Usually, you would find lawyers who might be willing to take your case for as less as $150-$200. But, ask for the experience in the respective field and the success rate of the cases, this will help you better. In Virginia, you can find a defense lawyer for reckless driving in $500. It isn’t a fixed price tag; it can go up to $2,500 or even more as experience and success rate is high. Depending on the portfolio, you will get to hear about the cost of an attorney.