Reckless driving VA code

Virginia Reckless Driving Code

VA Code § 46.2-852 (2014)Irrespective of the maximum speeds permitted by law, any person who drives a vehicle on any highway recklessly or at speed or in a manner to endanger the life, limb, or property of any person shall be guilty of reckless driving.

The code mentioned above is the general rule and general code for reckless driving in Virginia. The code of Virginia has all the reckless driving laws mentioned in their law directory, and it begins with the general reckless driving which is 46.2-852. Knowing the 852 code which is known as a general code, the speeding code is the one which is the most common and happens most of the times. 46.2-862 is for speeding which prohibits any citizen of Virginia to exceed speed from 80mph. Reckless driving charge gets activated once a person crosses 80mph speed and crosses extra 20 on the meter. The speed limit is not the same in all states of the United States, and there are different charges for each of the offense you commit in every other state. So, follow your state rules accordingly.

The following codes are mentioned with the related crime or offense:

  • 2-859 – Passing a stopped, properly equipped school bus
  • 2-829 – Overtaking or passing an emergency vehicle
  • 2-865 – Racing between any two different vehicles
  • 2-865.1 – Causing injury to the other racer while engaging in a race
  • 2-853 – uncontrollable brakes or vehicle not in control
  • 2-861 – driving faster than the actual traffic or driving too fast as per the traffic conditions
  • 2-854 – passing a vehicle at a crest or a grade
  • 2-855 – overloaded vehicle such as to obstruct/interfere with drivers control
  • 2-858 – passing another vehicle at a railroad grade crossing
  • 2-860 – no use of signals or failing to give signals
  • 2-863 – failure to yield right-of-way when merging onto the highway
  • 2-856 – passing two vehicles abreast
  • 2-857 – driving two abreast in a single line
  • 2-862 – driving over 80 mph
  • 2-864 – reckless driving in a parking lot

Defending a Code

It is always recommended by the lawyers that do not plead guilty without consulting a lawyer or taking advice from the counsel. It is highly possible that the charges you have received might be gone away if you fight against it. It is possible that your improper driving charge might have changed into speeding or other charge and your charges exceed because of it. Always look into your case before pleading guilty or going to the court for appealing. You can consult a lawyer if you are not sure about the laws and ask for the consultation which is free in every state of the United States. The consultation will help you realize whether you need to go to the Court or not or you have to plead guilty.