Driving Without a License in Warren Virginia

If you are wandering about the penalty for driving without a license in Warren, Virginia this article will help you understand what is at stake. The basic law for driving without a license in Warren, Virginia fall under 46.2-300. Driving without a license can refer to three different situations. You are stopped for a crime and:

  • You have license but it is not in your possession which means you have a license to drive but your lacked proof.
  • You never applied for a driving license or the license is expired. Virginia Code § 46.2-300 explains that “No person will drive any automobile on any road in the Commonwealth until such individual has applied for a driver’s license, reasonably passed the exam, and gained a driver’s license. A defilement of this provision is a Class 2 misdemeanor. A second or following violation under this section is a Class 1 misdemeanor”
  • Your license was negated, withdrawn or suspended by the authorities. For first time criminals, this crime may be punishable as a Class 1 misdemeanor with a fine of $2500.

Law enforcement officers issue traffic violation tickets in Warren, Virginia for a number of reasons that comprise driving without a license. The citations naturally show the code number of the violation, deliberate how, when and where to pay the fine. Not being able to pay the fine or appear in court outcomes in an arrest permit and the likelihood of having the license cancelled. If you’ve been accused with driving without a license in Warren Virginia, don’t make the common mistake of trying to go it alone without an expert Virginia criminal defense lawyer.

Driving without a license in Warren, Virginia takes the offense very severely. Virginia preserves comparatively more harsh penalties for those who are held operating a vehicle without a license when compared to other states. In Virginia, driving without a license is seen as a severe crime, and is categorized as a Class 2 Misdemeanor.

As with most delinquencies, repeat crimes carry more severe consequences. A subsequent conviction of driving without a license in Warren, Virginia is viewed as a Class 1 misdemeanor, which can bring with it the suspension of a person’s right to drive a motor vehicle for a whole year, as well as more heavy fines and possibly jail time. By following qualified representation for the violation of driving without a license, you can be certain that you won’t risk severer consequences due to any newness with the legal methods. Having a misdemeanor sentence on your record can also upset your living and may make it more hard to get a job in the future. A qualified lawyer can work with the court of law to follow substitute forms of penalty, reduction of all charges, or the decreasing of charges in order to have a less severe consequence. This will help keep your record spotless, and help to avoid unreasonable fine.